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The Storytellers

These are the storytellers of our next event (in order of appearance): If you want to know more, just follow the links.

Rosmarie L. Michel
President Verein «ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT»

Rosmarie L. Michel was born and bred in Zürich. Until 2007, she was the owner of the family firm Schurter (founded in 1869) .
During the past 40 years, she held a number of seats on corporate boards such as  ZFV-Gastronomiegruppe, Valora, Credit Suisse and Bon Appétit Group. Simultaneously she served as president of the IFBPW International Federation of Business and Professional Women and, for twelve years, acted as Vice Chair of the New York based financial institution WWB Women’s World Banking.

Honors and Awards:

  • Permanent Guest of Honor, University of Zurich
  • «Women’s Business Award», Hochschule Luzern
  • Honorary President «BPW Business and Professional Women» Switzerland

Dr. phil. Monique R. Siegel
Founder and Editor-in- Chief

Monique R. Siegel, M.A., Ph.D., M.A. was born in Berlin, matured in New York and found a home in Zurich. More:

Latest Interview (Radio):
Bayern3, 27. Januar 2018 im  Talk «Mensch, Otto/Mensch, Theile» (German)

Latest Highlights (Print):

Professor Dr. Janet G. Hering
Professor of Environmental Biogeochemistry, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Director of EAWAG (since 2007); Expertise: Source Separation Technology

Her Ph.D. in Oceanography is from MIT; UCLA and Caltech were also important steps in her career; countless articles on her research results as well as many honors and awards:

In 2018, for example, Professor Hering received the NWRI Athalie Richardsson Irvine Clarke Prize for her outstanding achievement in water science and technology. She has been instrumental in advancing access to safe drinking water in the US and abroad. Early in her career, she focused her efforts on understanding the chemistry of drinking water treatment. Among her special interests are

  • Knowledge  exchange at the interface of science with policy and practice
  • Advancement of women as leaders in academic institutions
  • Water treatment processes for removal of inorganic contaminants: role of sorption in contaminant removal; design of novel sorbents

One of the most compelling streams of the story of source separation which is part of her intensive research interests is the journey that the technologies needed to take in order to achieve prominence. From Switzerland to Nepal, then on to Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, source separation technology has arrived back at the NEST building in Dübendorf, Switzerland, bringing new approaches to the Swiss urban water sector. This is largely the merit of our keynote speaker.

Dr. Jean-Daniel Strub
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of

Jean-Daniel Strub has ever since been convinced that collaboration beats egotrip-thinking anytime. Early on in life, he was transplanted from the edge of the city to the edge of the woods, resulting in a long journey to school that offered him ample opportunity to practice the art of examining ideas thoroughly. Even at that time, however, he was struck by the experience that engaging in this alone is less productive and exciting than doing so together with others – a conviction he shares with our keynote storyteller.

As the father of two daughters who will live out their lives in tomorrow’s world, he wants to play an active role in shaping it. This is why his heart is not only with his family, but also in the local politics of Zurich.

His organization aims to encourage active participation from all those who are interested in the ethics of innovation. This is why ethix wants to build up a network of people who work in the field of innovation ethics. In this way, ethix hopes initially to bring together numerous specialists who deal with these questions in Switzerland, to form a unique multidisciplinary network in order that the expertise gathered can be made available to interested groups.

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