Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index 2021: Schroders continues to make advances in addressing gender equality

Schroders continues to be a leader in advancing gender equality globally based on the results of the 2021 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI). The 2021 Index, announced today, represents 380 global companies spanning 11 sectors and headquartered across 44 countries and regions.

Schroders achieved an overall GEI score of 73%, above the average for the financial services sector and for the UK where the average scores were 68% and 69%, respectively.

Equal Pay and Gender Pay Parity was Schroders’ highest scoring metric, achieving 100% – 79% more than the average score for the financial services industry (56%). In addition, Schroders scored 73% for its Inclusive Culture and 64% for being a Pro-Women brand, compared to the average scores of 67% and 50% respectively.

The overall score for Schroders was determined by our disclosures and performance on metrics relating to female leadership and talent pipeline, pay and equal pay, promoting an inclusive culture and achieving a pro-woman brand. This year’s GEI also reflects Schroders’ ongoing progress in tackling gender inequality, with an increase in its total score by 4% from 2020. This success was particularly prevalent across a number of specific metrics in which Schroders’ scored above average in comparison to its peers in the financial services sector.


Patrice Reichmuth
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Human Resources – Schroders Switzerland

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