Demonstrators for women’s rights in fron of the White House in 1917. Foto: Harris & Ewing

Facts & Figures

Books, articles, films, videos, or podcasts on womens history, encourage, inspire, and see to it that the frustration with todays shortcomings are kept at bay. When you begin to fathom under which hairraising conditions these heroines of yesterday accomplished their tasks or had to accomplish, you may appreciate todays privileges.

There are many developments today that are rewriting the F&F for women AND men. They have one factor in common: the need for active, daring, creative people who fervently desire to move something. They provide the content for this section.

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Ehrung für die „Frauen der NASA“

Wissenschaftsredaktorin Maia Weinstock ist ein Lego-Fan. Ihre Liebe zu Lego und ihr Wunsch, die „Women of NASA“ zu ehren, haben zu einer neuen Produktionsidee geführt: Voraussichtlich auf Ende 2018 wird ein neues […]