Meet our event partner for 9 April 2019!

9 April 2019: We welcome our event partner!

We are delighted to have Schroder & Co Bank AG as our partner for this event. The Bank has been a member of the ThinkTank practically from the beginning, and we gratefully remember its CEO, Adrian Nösberger, as having been our very first storyteller at our very first event at the GDI in June 2016.

Schroder & Co Bank AG is a Swiss Bank fully owned by Schroders plc, a British global asset manager founded in 1804 with CHF 529 billion (31.12.19) AUMA. The founding Schroder family still holds over 47% of the voting shares.

Operating in Switzerland since 1967, Schroder & Co Bank AG focus on the requirements of discerning private clients, external asset managers and charities. With head-office in Zurich and a branch in Geneva, the bank employs around 250 people and administers CHF 48 billion for Schroders Group’s companies. We take a long-term investment approach, putting our clients at the centre of everything we do.

Visit us on: https://www.schroders.com/en/ch/wealth-management/


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