„Cooperation among all people cannot remain a dream, but something that must become actuality if our civilization is to survive. We cannot afford to wait long in this changing and changed world. It is now – not in the next century or even in the next generation, but now – that we and the men and women of all nations, must recognize that no man live unto himself no country can live unto itself.”

Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips (1931)
«International Federation of Business and Professional Women»


We are aware of it: A think tank is not an easy thing to explain, let alone this think tank. We have learned this in the multiple conversations, talks, meetings, etc. during the past months. For example:

  • We don’t sell a tangible product – we “sell” thinking.
  • We invite visitors to collaborate with us on finding new approaches of problem solving.
  • The word FE-MALE is part of the name of the think tank, but we claim it is not a women’s network.

So what do we actually do? Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you need more information: browsing the „rest“ of this website might help…

A: A solution-oriented information hub, an innovation lab, a navigator pool = a virtual platform for people who wish to contribute to finding new approaches in problem solving – by way of a dialogue between genders, generations, and cultures.

A. Here’s the ThinkTank in three statements and three LINKs:

1. Never before has the world seen such a mass of crises and conflicts which demand simultaneous solutions.
2. Never before has there been a generation of women so well equipped to take on responsibility for finding such solutions.
3. The «ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT» has created a virtual platform which promotes new thinking as the outcome of a collaboration between women and men – at eye level.

A. No. Here’s what the platform doesn’t offer. It is

  • NOT another women’s network
  • NOT a charitable organization
  • NOT a career booster for individuals

Rather, it is an opportunity for women and men to seriously address issues of the future.

A: No. We consider the battle of the sexes obsolete, because we are convinced that the unfiltered meeting of male and female thinking will produce new approaches to finding solutions for seemingly insolvable problems: “Vive la différence!” Men will profit from this in the same manner that their female peers will. However, it also means: Feeling a common responsibility.

A. This was the original name of what the German Zukunftsinstitut considered to be one of the most valuable megatrends, before they changed the name to Gender Shift.

In education and professional training, the younger generation of women (Millennials, Generation Y etc.) have left their male peers behind.
No generation of women has ever been so highly qualified, ambitious and committed to work.
The result: a slow, but irreversible shift of competence, influence, and responsibility from men to women. This again will lead to different ways of decision making and solutions. It will transform our way of thinking, working, living.

A: You for example. We need your membership, because:

  • we envision a real exchange of ideas and therefore need your input;
  • we are about to establish what we call our Navigator Pool whose members can make a valuable contribution when we explore a client’s problems – maybe it’s you and your particular skills that can help solve a problem;
  • your membership fee permits us to launch and develop solution-oriented projects and ideas.


Any other questions? Please contact us, because as the text on the slide says:

We value opinions, beliefs, and views of new groups of men and women who will be part of future decision-making.