Mission Statement

Think Tank for the development and active participation of women
in business – politics – the sciences – the arts – the media – society in general
from a female point of view        



What we want and how we want to get there

The independent Think Tank focuses on issues, contributions and opportunities explored from a female point of view:

  • define relevant issues
  • uncover historical background
  • reflect philosophically/ethically
  • show need for action
  • stimulate new thinking
  • launch research on future developments (studies)
  • suggest approaches to new solutions

The ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT holds that the issues at stake should not necessarily be solved through governmental intervention, but rather be tackled with private initiatives and personal commitment. Towards this end it has established a virtual platform which aims to provide information, impulses, and suggestions for future participation of women in all walks of life.

Why do we need such a Think Tank?

The reasons for establishing this platform are twofold: on the one hand there has never been such a mass of crises and conflicts all of which demand attention and solutions simultaneously, and on the other there is, luckily, a potential source of providing such solutions.

It is the megatrend «Female Shift», possibly the most important megatrend, because it is destined to change our lives profoundly: As far as education and training is concerned, young female millennials have left their male peers behind. This fact, visible worldwide,  has set in motion a slow, but irreversible shift of skills, competences and decision-making functions from men towards women: Never before has there been a generation of young women so well educated, ambitious and ready to inhabit the C-suites.

For the first time in history we see a generation where women are able and willing to influence strategies, designs and implementation of future developments – at eye level with their male peers. This will generate questions, and the answers will affect profound changes:

  • Where do these women detect a need for change?
  • What does their creative input look like?
  • What do they want to change, what will they have to change?
  • Where will they put the keynote on their research work?
  • How will they influence for example architecture, mobility, education?

The ThinkTank wants to provide an independent, neutral, virtual platform for such questions and others relevant to the future which are of concern to everybody and could be viewed from an angle of a new collaboration of decision-makers. Women and men, interested in embracing and promoting this kind of thinking, are provided an information and discussion forum for their unconventional ideas and innovative approaches to problem solving.

At least one annual event, publications and, of course, a continuous dialogue on the website and with the public have been foreseen so far.

Despite the Name: The Think Tank is

  • NOT another female network
  • NOT a charity
  • NOT a career booster for individuals

It is in fact a possibility for thinkers to set up a serious dialogue on issues pertaining to our future – with the focus on new solutions that could evolve from the differences in male and female thinking.