The interdisciplinary «ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT» is an international, independent, neutral Non-Profit-Organization. It addresses global developments in our society with the focus on the Megatrend «Female Shift». Through critical confrontation with established opinions we envision the full collaboration of women in search of solutions of global and local crisis and conflicts – at eye level with their male peers.
The Website serves as a collecting vessel of issues, as an advisory board for organizations and as a platform for the exchange between the different actors.

We want to

  • make a contribution towards the integration of women into politics, the business community, the sciences, the arts or the media while respecting and utilizing the differences in a world characterized by diversity;
  • accompany organizations when they are in the process of changing their corporate cultures;
  • support and include Millennials as well as «Best Agers».

But we cannot do this alone. We need your support – as discussion and sparring partners and as providers of a solid financial base for our activities:

  • «The Small Circle»: Discussions on a viral subject: up to 10 persons, 2 hours approx.
  • Round Tables: Discussions (12-20 participants) = corporate teams meet experts from the non-corporate world
  • Public Events: up to 100 participants
  • Launch of studies that envision future developments from a female point of view (education, architecture, public transport, consumer goods etc.)

Members benefit, according to their contribution:

Categories / Annual Contribution
Category A: Individual; CHF 500 to CHF 1000
Category B: Companies; CHF 1001 to CHF 10’000
Category C: Partner; CHF 10’001 to CHF 90’000
Testimonial Contribution: You can show your appreciation of this initiative by contributing CHF 200.00.

Please send the form to:

Verein ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT
Rosmarie Michel
Niederdorfstrasse 90
CH-8001 Zürich

Bank Sparhafen Zürich AG
Fraumünsterstr. 21, 8001 Zürich
IBAN: CH17 0680 8050 0058 5130 4
Account name: ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT, Niederdorfstr. 90, 8001 Zürich