Words of Wisdom

As Martin Kessel (1901-1990), German writer and gifted creator of aphorisms, put it: „A genuine aphorism is a universe in a drop of water.“ It is quite an art to transmit wisdom in few words – words that give you food for thought and might even provoke a smile.

But frequently, aphorisms are a way of dealing with frustration and despair in a humorous way: humor as a means of surviving terrible events or difficult times. If you visit this page, don’t forget to bring along your sense of humor…

“Serenity is a lovely form of self assurance.”

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Austrian poet and writer

“I do not agree with mathematics. I believe that the sum of zeros is a dangerous number.”

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
Polish thinker; prime creator of aphorisms, 1909-1966

“My parents always made me feel as though I could do anything — not in a cheerleading, ‘You’re the greatest!’ kind of way; it was more, ‘You’re going to have to work hard, but we’ll support you however we can.’“

Emma Stone, 28
Best Actress OSCAR, 2017

“I believe that if a man is as good at a job as a woman, he should be paid the same salary.”

Celeste Holm, 1917-2012
US actress