Maryse Hilsz (1903-1946); French pilot and aviatic pioneer; Foto; Simone Auffret

History? HERstory!

There are many misunderstandings and myths when it comes to questions of gender, among them the widespread opinion that women have no history which is supposed to be the reason for the alleged lack of female role models. There are in fact many more women who qualify for this label, but you have to go looking for them, because history books are written on the premise: „Men act, women are being mentioned.“
Here as well as in the section Need-to-know, you will continuously find examples of extraordinary women who are considered role models because of their special flair for innovation, their amazing courage or their exceptional resilience.

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  For her, flying a spitfire plane was the most natural thing to do: Mary Ellis, born on February 2, 1917 in Oxfordshire, evidenced interest in this exotic occupation very early in […]