Women & Technology

By now, a certain number of people know it: At the beginning of computer science we find a woman. But the great many number of people, women included, still do not know this fact: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), the only legitimate daughter of the English poet Lord Byron and his wife Lady Wentworth who was interested in mathematics and the sciences, has established the basis of computer science in her short, eccentric life.*
In spite of this, many women still regard the ICT world with skepticism and resistance. Too bad, because this world represents the future, for here you encounter crisis-resistant jobs which demand creativity and innovation. In Switzerland alone there is a rising demand in the next six to eight years for 25’000 software developers: an incredible opportunity for women. Secretly, people are commenting that the really important actors in a firm are no longer the CEOs, but those in the ranks of CDO oder CTO (Chief Digital Officer/Chief Technology Officer); there are prognoses that by 2030 about two thirds of them will be women.

*Here, you`ll find more about her, her pioneer work as well as the festival which will take place for the fourth time in Berlin in October 2018.

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