New Solutions

Men are different. So are women. And so is their approach to problem solving: Men focus mainly on getting results, reaching targets, meeting objectives – directly and fast. Women have the same goals, but for them getting there is at least as important. There is a saying: „Men install rails, women are looking for roads.“ It should never be forgotten: We need both. And therefore we need both points of view in order to gather the most  diverse knowledge of existing and potential crisis centers, corporate battle fields, or tempting future strategies for which to work out promising solutions.

Every morning, there seem to be new crises, conflicts, and disasters that developed overnight. Add to these the ones we have become used to, and no-one will deny: We have an urgent need for solutions. New solutions. Innovative solutions. Here are some of the subjects that would merit a closer look:

Just a few battle fields where action is needed. Plus corporate problems. Plus family crises. We know that women and men approach such situations diversely. So we pose the question: How much longer can we afford to ignore 51 percent of humanity by treating them as exotic outsiders and denying them the opportunity to look at these problem areas with a fresh approach?

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