No, they`re not. Megatrends are not utopian visions, not crystal ball forecasts, not wishful thinking, but facts, collected, combined, and studied that have been around long enough to have their affectiveness proven and analyzed, for example in long-term studies.

Navigating the Future

There are about a dozen areas where developments are so striking that, according to futurists worldwide, they qualify as megatrends: visible worldwide, touching on all walks of life, with a longevity of up to five decades. They can help you navigate the future.

  • Society in General
    Education; Health; New-Ecology; Urbanization
  • Economics / Work
    Connectivity; Globalization; Mobility; New Work
  • Individual / Demography
    Individualization; Silver Agers; Female Shift (today: Gender Shift)

All of them affect our lives, but one of the most striking megatrends is «Female Shift». It is destined to change our lives profoundly: In the era of the millennials – those born after 1980 –, women, as far as education and training is concerned, have left their male peers behind. Thus, it has set in motion a slow, but irreversible shift of skills, competences and decision-making functions from men towards women: Never before has there been a generation of young women so well educated, ambitious and career-minded.

For the first time in history we see worldwide a generation where women can influence strategies, designs and implementation of future developments – at eye level. This will generate questions, and the answers will affect profound changes, because “this  megatrend is not about the integration of the underrepresented group «females» into existing systems and markets; rather, it is about a profoundly different way of seeing and structuring the world. The megatrend «women» will change our world fundamentally.” (Matthias Horx; Founder,


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