Monique R. Siegel, MA., MA., Ph.D (Founding Board Member)
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Monique R. Siegel ( was born in Berlin, matured in New York and eventually found a home in Zurich. Her specialty: pioneer projects. More:  (German)

Rosmarie L. Michel (Founding Board Member)
Chair: «ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT»

Rosmarie L. Michel was born and bred in Zürich. Until 2007, she was the owner of the family firm Schurter (founded in 1869) .
During the last 40 years, she held a number of seats on corporate boards such as  ZFV-Gastronomiegruppe, Valora, Credit Suisse and Bon Appétit Group. Simultaneously she served as president of the IFBPW International Federation of Business and Professional Women and, for twelve years, acted as Vice Chair of the New York based financial institution WWB Women’s World Banking.

Dr. Annabelle R. Hett-Essinger (Founding Board Member)
Head SRI Engagement & Development | Managing Director | Swiss Re Institute | Swiss Re Management Ltd 

Annabelle Hett is Head Engagement & Development of Swiss Re Institute (SRI). Her teams are responsible for SRI’s Strategy & Development, Business Development and global outreach, including Client Executive Trainings as well as all editorial and publishing output. She is also responsible for the strategy of the Centre for Global Dialogue, Swiss Re’s premier conference facility. Annabelle Hett manages the relationship with the Swiss Re Group Advisors and the Group’s High Growth Markets networks.

Annabelle Hett obtained a degree in veterinary medicine with a doctorate in radiology and nuclear medicine from the University of Berne, Switzerland.

Dr. Christoph Nabholz (Founding Board Member)
Head R&D Life & Health, Swiss Re Group Underwriting

Dr. Nabholz and his team engage in applied R&D. The area of their activities is to improve the understanding of future developments of morbidity and mortality in the insuance business. His team’s research and collaborations with leading research institutions and insurance corporates, allow them to develop forward-looking views on key portfolio drivers.
Christoph started at Swiss Re in 2002 and held several positions in Swiss Re Global Life & Health Underwriting, Centre for Global Dialogue and Group Underwriting.
Previous to Swiss Re he was a postdoctoral research fellow in genomics at Harvard University. He received a diploma in biochemistry from the University of Basel and a PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Freiburg in Switzerland.

Christoph, born in 1970, is a Swiss citizen and father of two children.


Sparring Partners

Professor Dr. Gerhard M. Buurman
Design, Culture Mediation, Education

Gerhard M. Buurman studied Industrial Design at the University GH in Essen (1986-1992). He then got a PhD in art history. In 1990, he founded the course of studies Interactiondesign at the «Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst» in Zurich and has held teaching assignments and guest professorships in Austria and Switzerland. He taught and researched at the University of Arts in Linz  (1993-1997) and at the «Hochschule der Künste» in Zürich (1997-2017).

His area of work and interest is design and design theory (focussing on design tools), as well as design education.



Thomas Schoerghofer

Has been designing and developing websites since 2000 and juggles with all sorts of data.