1. Name, Location and Duration

«ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT» is the name of an Association founded according to  §§60 of the Swiss Civil Law, located in Zurich. There is no duration specified.

2. Purpose

The «ThinkTank FEMALE SHIFT» proposes to promote the exploration of vital future-relevant issues, the critical appraisal of established opinions as well as the development of ideas, strategic concepts and innovative products. In order to accomplish this, the Association provides a platform for a fruitful exchange with the business community, politicians, scientists, artists, futurists etc. via the web as well as with events, publications, and visibility in public.

The Association is a non-profit organization, politically and religiously neutral. Members are not entitled to benefits from the Association’s accumulated funds.

Join us and become a member!

As you can see, we have big plans. However, we will not be able to implement them without outside help. That’s why we have founded this Association whose members are willing to share their experiences and suggestions with us, reciprocally share our findings and perceptions with their work force, and create a viable financial base for the Association.

This appeal addresses our potential future partners who wish to have an independent platform for the exchange of unconventional ideas, innovative approaches to conflicts and concepts that can claim to be future-fit.

On behalf of the Board:
Rosmarie Michel

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Office Female Shift
Suter Howald
Stampfenbachstrasse 52
CH-8021 Zürich
T +41 44 630 48 11
F +41 44 630 48 15

Female Shift Bank
Bank Sparhafen Zürich AG
Fraumünsterstrasse 21
CH-8001 Zürich
T +41 44 225 40 50
F +41 44 225 40 69