Jacina Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (Video)
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She continues to make history: Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, just returned from a 6-weeks-maternity leave. Who said it couldn’t be done?

The world’s youngest female leader is now anxious to take further steps in the direction of equal opportunity which, in this case, is nothing less than equal pay – at least for the 46’000 women employed in public service. “In 2017, we cannot continue to send a message to young women that they can expect to be paid 10 percent less simply for their gender. That is not a message that can continue.”

Jacinda Ardern is convinced: If New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote – 125(!) years ago –. it could be another world leader by closing the gender pay gap. See why and how she plans to implement her goals.

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