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“Change Can’t Wait”

“The Future in the US: Young, progressive, female – and non-white”

Remember how enthused people were when they discovered the magic of the three syllables of “Yes, we can”? Well, if it worked once, it could work again – and again, and again… For example, as a mantra for the first  African-American female candidate for Congress in the upcoming midterm-elections in November of this year. Of course, she didn’t copy the text, but see what an effect she has generated with her slogan:

“Ayanna Pressley upended the Massachusetts political order on Tuesday, scoring a stunning upset of 10-term Representative Michael Capuano and positioning herself to become the first African-American woman to represent the state in Congress.

Ms. Pressley’s triumph was in sync with a restless political climate that has fueled victories for underdogs, women and minorities elsewhere this election season, and it delivered another stark message to the Democratic establishment that newcomers on the insurgent left were unwilling to wait their turn. Ms. Pressley propelled her candidacy with urgency, arguing that in the age of Trump, “change can’t wait.” More

Ayanna Pressley’s victory is an illustration of what I read the other day, coming from the entourage of another surprise winner: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who trounced a longtime House incumbent, Joseph Crowley, in New York. Her commentary: “America’s future is young, progressive, female – and non-white.” To be continued.

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